There’s nothing we love more than when our customers share their stories and photos with us. It’s a chance for us to see the joy our bows bring to the special people and occasions in their lives. In fact, it was one special moment in particular that gave us our start.

Bow Beginnings
Let me introduce myself. My name is Amy, and my story begins back in 2007 when I wanted to surprise my daughter, Christine, with a brand new car for her birthday. She had just turned 18, and was working two jobs to help pay for college, so having a reliable car to get back and forth in was very important. On the day before Christine’s birthday, I decided a gift this significant needed an extra special finishing touch, so I set out to purchase something that would really put her present over the top: a big bow to place on the hood.

I searched everywhere to find one in Christine’s favorite color, purple. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge selection, and what I did find was very cheap and plastic looking—not at all something that would suit such an important occasion. That’s when I had an idea. Why not make my own? So I headed to a local fabric store and picked up a bunch of ribbon, then got to work.

When it was all done, I was very proud and excited, knowing how happy my daughter would be when she saw it. On the morning of her birthday, I called Christine outside to reveal her new car in the driveway, beautifully decorated with the handmade, star-shaped bow (which would go on to become our flagship style). She was amazed at what I was able to create myself, and still holds onto the bow, along with the wonderful memories, which to her, are just as priceless.

A BIG Success
Inspired by the reaction on my daughter’s face, I decided I wanted to give others a chance to experience that same happiness, to give them their own story. Today, I continue to design custom bows that create lasting memories, this time as Founder of Big Event Décor, a company I started with lots of ribbon and one great idea. It has since grown into a successful and thriving business, thanks in part to the entrepreneurial spirit I’ve instilled in every single person who works here—from the passionate designers, who craft each bow with care and an impeccable attention to detail—to the packers and shippers, who go through great lengths to make sure your gift arrives looking its absolute best. Because at the end of the day, it’s the gifts, the people and the moments that keep us going.

We hope yours will be the next story that gets told!